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The camera is the least important element in photography.” –Julius Shulman

With thousands of successful assignment delivered its my pleasure to share some of those experiences. One of the single most valuable lessons I learned was to control my cameras expertly under every situation. Tool use out of the way I found and continue to evolve my unique vision.

A selfie shot from a helicopter while on an Annual Report assignment near Lake Athabaska, SK Canada

A selfie shot from a helicopter while on an Annual Report assignment near Lake Athabaska, SK Canada

This site launched October 31 2013. There is lots coming so please watch my twitter @fastpix or visit often

Other Twitter tags I’ll be using: #fastfocus, #fastaperture, #fastshutter, #fastthink and #fastattitude.

Thinking FAST is a technique that accelerated my photography skills dramatically.

The choice of camera is highly personal and comes down to portability versus flexibility and quality. Of course complexity comes into play as well.  Whether you want to be discreet or just need to travel light, a camera’s size and weight are important. Regardless of your choice of mobile phone, compact digital point and shoot (P&S), digital single lens reflex (DSLR) or some hybrid of these, we all want better pictures with less effort.

This site is devoted to sharing simple ideas that will help no matter what choice you make. While much of the information is somewhat technical and weighted to the joys of manual settings with a DSLR there will be content devoted to the same situation for simple compact digital Point and Shoot cameras as well.

As a professional I have used iPhone through to 8×10 view cameras. Each brings its own creative juice that I delight in and will share with you. Learn more about me here.

Key factors in your choice of camera will include:

Your gear should fit you-not your peers opinions!

  • weight
  • fit in your hand
  • viewing screen /viewfinder comfort
  • light sensitivity
  • zoom range and lens choices
  • image stabilization / shake reduction
  • on-board tools like grid overlays and creative filters
  • manual override
  • on board flash
  • remote flash control
  • image resolution and quality

Coming soon how to choose and how to carry your gear!

Let’s get started!
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