Taking photographs has never been easier.

Two race cars

Nikon F3, 300mm Telephoto, f4@1000-ISO 64

Digital SLRs have replaced film versions and are lighter, more powerful and affordable than ever.

Today’s smart phones boast truly incredible camera technology and I’d like to help you get the best out any camera you choose.
Photography is not about the gear. The eye behind the camera and the thinking behind the choices are far more important than the equipment. This web site exists to help you improve your photographer’s eye by helping you to think FAST when taking pictures.

The FAST technique is a mnemonic or mantra to help you quickly make better choices before taking the picture.

As a professional I have used most cameras out there at one time or another and when asked for my recommendations I always respond that it is not the brand but the fit that matters. Brand will help if you need lots of accessories, durability or service but within the top brands those are all more or less equal. What really matters is that the camera fit your hand, your sense of where the controls should be and how you use your camera every day. If your gear gets in the way you will never get FAST.

Before taking any picture always ask yourself if you are FAST.

Follow the links above to learn more about each step. Simply pause for a second when you decide to take a picture and run through this mental “checklist”. Your images will improve immediately.

DSLR Users!

While this site is not about my work, its about you, understand that my professional work exclusively concerns sheet film technical view cameras, manual film SLRs and digital SLRs. I always apply FAST photography techniques.

Smartphone Tip:  Compact Digital TIP:  I mostly use compact and smartphone cameras in my personal photography though rarely together. The FAST approach works there too. As there are no manual lens and shutter controls I alter my FAST approach as you will see in this FRAME article!

Visit Rideau Kayaking to see a travelog shot with iPhone3, iPhone4s, Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH22 and Fuji FinePix XP50 compact cameras. I am also working on some tutorials shot with a low end smartphone, the Samsung’s Galaxy Ace to illustrate how the apply FAST with even the simplest of tools.
Happy shooting

  Shoot FAST
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