Typical DSLR viewfinder

THINK before you shoot!

You found something interesting and you decide to take a picture.

STOP right there and THINK FAST!

  • Where should FOCUS attention with your FRAME composition?
  • Where will you place the crisp image FOCUS?
  • Do you need to control APERTURE to increase or decrease FOCUS?
  • Can you balance APERTURE and SHUTTER to capture motion as you intend?


MOVE into position for composition.

SET your camera controls to make the image of your dreams a reality.


In 1/60th of a second!

  • FOCUS your composition and FOCUS your lens
  • APERTURE priority for selective focus control
  • SHUTTER priority for motion capture control
  • THINK it all through to make the image with your unique photographers eye

Review FAST before you press the shutter release.

You have chosen a FOCUS point and framed it. Your APERTURE is balanced with the SHUTTER speed to create the effect you want. THINK and review everything just before you make the shot.

  • Think about moving your framing for emotional effect
  • Does your assignment require room for text like a magazine cover. Think
  • Think about who you are taking the picture for?
  • Is your image going to convey the feeling you have right now? Think

Take note!

With the technical stuff out of the way you are free to refine the composition and live with a confident photographer’s eye.

/ / / Article update: I am excited to prepare some examples, practical tutorials and more so please watch for updates soon.

  Shoot FAST
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