Focus, Aperture, Shutter and Thinking

Hello, its 16th of Feb 2015, and I have not been taking care of this site! I was shocked to see the images missing and the whole site looking a mess. I have reverted the site to a simpler structure for the next few weeks while I develop a new theme.

My sincere apologies.

When I first started taking pictures I was just a kid fooling around. In high school I started selling my pictures to football players. They taught me a lot about capturing what sells and how valuable quality is. I struggled to hone my craft for many years.

Getting really crisp photographs was one of the hardest things to consistently achieve. I traded up my gear and tested every Nikon lens very carefully. Nevertheless there were times the shots just weren’t as crisp as I wanted.

Success finally came when I started practicing a very simple mantra before taking a shot. I simply ask if I am FAST enough to shoot the shot. I taped FAST to the back of my camera and said it to myself every time I prepared to take a picture. Almost a superstition like a baseball pitcher.

FAST means Focus, Aperture, Shutter and Think. Each of these 4 concepts affect one another to conspire a great image or a mediocre one. Giving a moment to consider each of these factors in the split second before I pressed the shutter improved my work and helped me relax so I could enjoy the photographer’s eye.

I am hoping to share this process with examples as the site unfolds.

I’m still working at making better images and want to help you do so as well.