This site is dedicated to helping you become a better photographer regardless of your equipment.

There are several tricks I used developing my skills over several decades of work as a professional photographer. The single most important trick I learned is also the simplest to use. Before I press the trigger I ask myself: Am I shooting FAST? I always take that split second to review my situation before I take the shot. It will make a huge difference in the quality of your results too.

One of the biggest benefits of shooting FAST is that even if you ignore everything else you’ll probably remember to squeeze the trigger calmly rather than jabbing it and shaking the camera. Having a smooth trigger finger is the one of the benefits of shootiing with the inner calm FAST will create.

Shooting FAST works with any camera or digital capture device like a smartphone, simple “Point and Shoot” or DSLR. Digital or film, shooting FAST will absolutely improve your work. At you will find tutorials and tips for all levels of photographer. I do not subscribe to a lot of gear and when I do I will try to explain how to get the value they offer as effectively as possible without having to spend a lot of money. This site is about creating images.

Get out there and shoot FAST!

FAST Technique is a mantra

  • Focus – Frame
  • Aperture – Atmosphere and Attitude
  • Shutter – Slice time
  • Think!